What AirParents Is … and What It’s Not

What is AirParents?

AirParents is a free app that connects parents in the same school or area with similar before and after school child minding requirements.

It facilitates what you are already doing via word of mouth, text, email and Facebook.

It provides an efficient platform to easily identify parents looking for child minding in the same school or area and facilitates a private one-on-one chat facility – thereby taking the awkwardness out of asking.

It is also:

  • Completely free – no strings attached
  • Has no advertising in it
  • Has been developed and funded by parents like you

What it’s Not!

An app or platform that provides, promotes or sells child care, baby sitting or any related services.

It does not vet or check any individuals. It’s entirely up to each parent to discuss and arrange any child minding activities and to make sure that everyone involved is happy and content with whatever arrangement(s) are made by yourselves.

February 6, 2017